a new year…




give me my pension now, I`v earned the right to it……

well once again this Torie government has proved just how much they value the common people. Our mistake was to vote the entitled into power, and let them rob us, and crush us under foot. We are only their means to making wealth, there are more of us then there are of them, so if we die in the process of making them rich, well thats a fair exchange. Women in the main, have always had a difficult life, having to wear many hats over the period of a lifetime, as well as being a daughter, wife, cook, cleaner, washerwoman, and mother, she was expected to have to work too, as her husbands income was not enough to sustain their not unfrugal lifestyle. In return she was promised a pension and retirement from having to slave in the labour market from the age of 60. Now with this government we find that women have been summarily robbed of 6 years contibutions, while their retirement age has been shoved along by another 6 years. This being done in the sleezy underhand way of the typical Torie tactic of smoke and mirrors. The women have been left with nothing to sustain them for another 6 years, when most are already ready to retire, after a busy and very hard life. Most will not see their pension, through ill health and expiring before they are allowed to claim it. This affront to the women who have raised the next generation of workers, and done so much to enrich society as a whole, caring and nurturing for the young and the old alike. These women have been disrespected totally, by a government that is supposed to look after the people who voted for them. Rather than them enriching those that have, they are robbing the poor, the disadvantaged and even the handicapped. Syphoning the money into the bank accounts of million and billionares. This is an obscene state of affairs. And they carry on with there haulocaust uninterupted. It is about time Karma began to catch up with this particularly nasty group of people. Who have no empathy, sympathy or idea what an ordinary life entails, as they have their money all nicely put away, and safe in an off shore account.  So they never have to worry where the next bottle of champagne is coming from, or how expensive their next tin of caviar might be. And we, the ordinary people suffer. However, push too long, and too far, and things like revolution begin to be talked about…and the unthinkable being thought of. These people are so grossly ignorent, and so sure of their own supremacy, that they go on with their wanton destruction, until there is a huge explosion. And then they become the victims…of their own vileness. It happened in France, when the wheel of revolution ran over the necks of the entitled, who cared not a jot, for the people. Indeed showed a marked contempt for them. Lets hope that these people never have to find out what  damage a guillotine can do. In fact lets hope, that they see the light in time, before the darkness falls to carry them away. They are harming the weakest, most vulnerable and the least able to stand up for themselves. But some day soon, the wheel will turn, and I hope that we get the government we deserve, and they get the Karma that is their due too.  Time for a change and all the women of the country will be leading the charge….

life with a narcessitic parent

Sometimes it has seemed like my life was one long roller coaster ride, and I was just clinging on by my fingure nails. I grew up with parents that always seemed to be an enigma to me.  A father that did everything he was told, and a mother who was more of a dictator than even Hitler. My mother to me, as I think back, was more a spiteful older sister, who had to have everything her way, and flew into a tantrum if it didn’t happen. She could never keep her hands to herself, and indeed, there was never any off button to her abuse. She kept on hitting you, with whatever was at hand until you escaped, or someone got between you. There is many a time I could have been really hurt, but saying anything about it later, got no remorse. “should have done as you were told then shouldn’t you”. Along with “you’ll do as your told or else”threateningly, there was always “because I said so” as if it were a commandment handed down by God himself. “you have to look after me, I’m your mother” more and more in later years, and after my father died. The constant way she kept on putting me and others down. No one ever seemed as perfect as she was. she would get something in her head, and she would go on and on and on, until you finally gave in and did it, just for some peace.  Even though you knew it wasn’t right, or even fair. Dad more often than not, spent a good bit of time at work. something I later looked on, as his strategy of getting some peace from her. Because as soon as he came home she hector’d and harried him to do this, that and the other. Until it eventually took its toll, and he died…No doubt in my mind, it had been much of my mothers fault. She had killed him. Left to her, I would never have got married, or had children. I just seemed to be there to play the roll of unpaid slave, provider to her every whim and will. She always took from me, I wasn’t allowed money, she got rid of most of my friends, and generally made my life as miserable as she possibly could, I felt i was being punished all the time, for what crime I wasn’t sure. Luckily I found a man, just as stubborn as her, who took me away from her and her bullying. It took some time, but I began to slowly realise that she was different from other mothers. She didn’t seem to care about anyone but herself. She became very self orientated, and wore me down, until I eventually became ill, and was diagnosed with cancer. I had to have surgery, and she was taken into a home for respite care. I had to phone them and tell them that I could no longer look after her, and needed to be selfish for a time, to be able to heal.  She had been diagnosed with dementia, and before this, I had almost lost my husband to cancer too but with luck he survived and is still here today, a walking miracle. so it was with great relief that I gave up looking after her. I haven’t been to see her, don’t want to. And my son, who she treated much the same as she did me, dosn’t want to see the old witch either. My family and I are getting to have a life. something she always seemed to begrudge me. goodness knows how long I and my man have left. But its our time now. She’d had hers and wanted mine too…but I won’t let her have it. As one of my friends in the know once said, you deserve a life just as much as she do’s. All the waste of years when I let her ruin things for me, I very much regret. but now I’m focus’d on what I want. And I’m able to please myself now. sometimes you just have to turn your back, walk away, and never look back. And that is what I’v had to do, to finally find myself and some peace.



well its taken centurys to produce the life and the foibles that we have all been brought up with, its taken numerous wars both civil and otherwise, to create the people that we are. The First and the Second World War defined us as tough and plucky and we can take it, and punshing above our weight. After the wars was over, we picked ourselves up, looked around, and began to build a new and inclusive society. There was actual reformers ready to stand up and say, this is not good enough for the people, they deserve better, and so they helped create a more inclusive and affluent society. We were given the National health Service to look after us, when we were sick. free at the point of care, no longer did we have to try to scrape together a meager sum to be able to see a doctor, Or to try and afford some medicine People got a pension to look after them in their later years, we all had input into a fairer society, with everyone paying a fair share of the burdon. We owned the Royal Mail, The British Rail, our Water, Gas and Electricity. And we created so so much. selling to the world and the then commonwealth. People began to prosper, and was able to obtain things like televisions, household appliences and material things. Most were still living in rented accomodation, or in small houses purchased for a small sum they managed to put together. No one thought in terms of owning their own homes. But gradually, as society became more affluent, jobs were better paid, it became obtainable to the lucky few. Then Came the Heath Years, where we were all dragged into an experiment by the European countrys Called the common market. It was deemed that we would be unfit to weigh up all the pros and cons, so were given no referendum on the matter. So Heath signed us all into the experiment, which began as a tradeing block with no political aspirations. However Topsy Growd, and soon became a trading block, plus a whole new creation with its own parliament, laws and the price went up for its members to stay as members of the club. This is were things began to unravel, as the Tories had not expected this to happen, and before they knew it, Brussels had taken on a whole new life of its own, and now the juganought was rolling, couldnt be stopped. Mrs Thatcher made a good attempt. How ever, eventually it was to run right over her, and it had its own currency, laws and disciplines, which we as members were expected to follow. treaty after Treaty drew us into a binding contract, and many embraced being European. Lots of older folk, moving abroad to enjoy a better life style in the sun. This was not challenged, until Some rich elitist government, arrogent and so cock sure of their own omnipitent right to rule, bought its way into power, knifing their coallision partners led by a hapless Clegg. They began dismantling all the rights that people had hard won over the years since WW2. They set their minds on taking on the European union for purely ideolised reasons. The EU was protecting the rights of the working class people, they were blocking too much of the things the Tories wished to inflict on the hapless peasantry. And the Hapless peasantry believeing their lies and spin, voted like turkeys for christmas to leave, without the enorminty of what this would mean was explained to them in proper detail. They believed what they were supposed to believe. And then, the man that had not expected to be left holding such an awkward bag. Cut and ran, goodbye Mr Cameron, Hello Mrs May. We all know what a success she has made of running the country. And in what contempt she hold the will of the people in. Selling off the NHS to her buddies, handing out huge tax cuts to the wealthy, while robbing the disabled, the sick the poor. In fact She would be the sheriff of Nottingham to the Labours Robin Hood. And now, after calling an election, to try to get her own way in everything, to deal the NHS its death blow, to rob the pensioners of their homes, and their pensions….Shes reeling from the blow she has been dealt. This was not supposed to happen, I can hear her whine, I thought the people were all idiots, and gullible, I thought I was going to walk it....I dont understand.....Too much wealth, too much privilege breeds contempt, and this is what has proved fatal. She thought the young the weak the poor and the pensioned where going to roll over, while she created her one party state, oh boy how it has scuppered her. And I only hope, after she exits stage left, very soon, we get back what she robbed from us all by her greed and bungleing mis- management. She will not have to scrimp, and save, to try to survive for another 6 years before she is given her pension, that she should have morally and legally got at 60. S he will not have to go to a food bank just to subsist, she will not have to wait on a trolly in the corridor of a hospital totally over stretched and underfunded by her mean and cold hearted asset strippers. She will not have to worry, her husband is rich, and has got rich off the back of the working man, and has his millions off shore. She who thinks nothing of paying thousands for a pair of leather designer trousers, while people freeze on the street, through her governments policys. And their gerrymandering throughout both elections wont bear scrutiny. I only hope what gos around comes around, and that she gets her just deserts. As she just can not let go, and is hanging on with neatly polished fingure nails to number 10, just to denie Corbyn it. The man she has slandered, has vilified, has refused to give a straight forward answer to. And he has endured all with a dignity she could never really summon. So when she finally gos. She will still be none the wiser. Well, what did for you pet was that you were deaf, and blind to the suffering of the many, they were worthless labour to be exploited. And then thrown aside with no help or sustinance. You counted on the election being bought for you by the media barons, the rich and the famous.....who you robbed the poor to give obscene pay rises to. And you expected them to be grateful.....sorry Mrs May, you deserved everything you got, and are still about to get....your an evil creation of a moneyd class. Who dosnt care for anyone or anything but your own bottom line. good riddence to bad rubbish!


If we had a few more People like Titus Salt, who thought about the care and welfare of their people. Like Joseph Rowntree, and Elizabeth Fry. We would have an altogether better society than we now have. It has become fashionable not to care for anything other than the accumulation of obscene amounts of wealth, in off shore accounts. The worship of money has become a dash to the top for bankers, hedge fund managers, and the like. At the expense of the ordinary people. who through the attrition of the moneyd, have suffered greatly. It has become Robin Hood in reverse. With big buisness, and the rich robbing the poorest in society of their subsistance. They do not feel ashamed that they have caused people to starve, that they have pushed people into penuary, that their actions have lead to the death of many thousands of people  young, old, ill or well. Society has had the heart pulled out, and a swinging brick now replaces the place it once occupied. Judge a society on how it treats its people. And you will find that this society is sick. However, you will find no treatment forth coming, as every one vies for to become the main game player. The most powerful I Am. Their wealth cushioning them from everything. In fact they dwell in a world far removed from that of ordinary people. Too long have they been entitled, have their forebares been successful in ripping off society to such an extent, they lived in luxury, and dwelt in priviledge. Now we have a party of these people, who in seven years have managed to totally undermine, demoralise, rob and plunder the disabled, the working class, the mentally ill, and the pensioners. The only good and shineing bauble that the ordinary people had left, and were proud of, is being systematically run down, and sold off. The NHS was created to treat the sick and destitute. It was something created as a shineing beacon in the dark and smokey dim and distant past. Where people would die of the want of a doctors care. The mine owner, and Lawyer, the gentry and the rich had no such need of this, and looked at it with jaundist eyes. They felt that people were merely chattles to be used, abused and then disguarded, when they were no longer able to service their betters needs. Unfortunately, this is what in essence is happening today. The rich resent the poor getting any form of relief, and if they are going to die, best get on with it, and decrees the surplus population, as Scrooge once said.These people have had their way far too long, they do not play fair, and indeed their sense of entitlement drives them to underhanded and shady dealings to keep them where they think they rightfully belong. A permanent ticket on a gravey train, that keeps on rattleing on, running ever poor person down. They have champaigne lifestyles at the expense of others. They have no need to spend their wealth, when they can spend ours. They have robbed us of trains, the post office, the telephones, the water, gas and Electricity....which was all owned by the people. They committed fraud on a huge scale, robbing the country of its assets. And where has all the money gone? There are fools who will always think that by supporting such despots, it raises them to being someone special. But it is a delusion that they must let go of. For God Sake wake up and see the way society has gone, where it has been pushed to, and just how greed can lead to a vicious cycle of much wants more. We Need a new way, A New voice, A new breed of person, who instead of thinking of themselves, actually thinks of a better life for others, as well as themselves. people as human beings and not just cannon fodder, or servile wraiths to be treated with contempt. Now is the time we need to stand up, get up off our knees, and those that have pushed us, we need to shove back. Im sick of the greed, the ignorence, the total Dickensianisation of society. My grandmother and grandfather had to fight for better, and its been taken from us bit by bit by greedy resentful people.Now is the time to get rid of the lot of them, and lets have something more humane and inclusive in its place. Its up to us....we own it, we owe it to ourselves to say enough is more than enough. I know where my cross will be places in the election. And if you value fairness, and honesty youll join me.



Why do people keep on shooting themselves in the foot?

well it should be perfectly clear to anyone that has eyes and a brain what is going to happen If we vote for the saintly Theresa May. disaster has ever followed in her wake, and so too will it this time. Given the opportunity, she will oversee the demise of the NHS. She will cause a car crash of an exit from the EU. And all in all, it will not be her or her class that will suffer, being well padded with their millions in off shore accounts. But the poor Joe Soaps that have fallen for their lies again. Why do the turkeys keep voteing for xmas one wonders. Im sure I can not provide an answer. However, the system has always been riggable. And money talks...like it did when Cameron Bought the last election. Tinkering with the voteing registrations ment fewer people able to vote, boundry changes....these lot are determined not to play on a level playing field. The election was called, to stave off the news that most of the MPs had outstanding cases against them, of using too much money and false accounting in the last bash, to get them elected, and the same croneys are standing again. And still people think if they vote conservative some of the golden sheen might just rub off on them. Well let me tell you, not everything that glitters is gold, and these lot are only gold plated, and in places where it has worn off, they are pure dross. Shams, frauds and greedily accumulateing from the public purse their own private fortunes...its a case of Im alright Jack, naff you. The true people of the society, go unrewarded. people like nurses, doctors and their ilk, are paid peanuts compared to all the crooked bankers and lawyers. womens pensions are plundered to give a huge tax break to their wealthy friends, further enriching themselves. Leaving them destitute. And Theresa see`s nothing wrong in this…come on people wake up, stop shooting yourself in the foot, and aim the gun elsewhere. Time these people where ejected. And a little sense prevailed. Or we are all doomed.

The first shot in a phoney war.

Well, here we go again. Mrs May who already has 24 of her MPs under investigation for electoral fraud from the last election. And she wants another election, will it be any less rigged than the last one one wonders. I believe the fix is already in, shes been given the nod,  so the government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich, if it wins( and they are licking their chops already at that prospect) can get rid of the remaining NHS, and all workers rights. And we will have a situation where the small majority of super rich will have the government in its pocket. While the rest of the people in the country, will be written off.  those who have chosen to live abroad in their little fortress enclaves, will find themselves just as worse off, as the people on the mainland. As, if hard brexit is implimented, they will have no EU Health protection. Their funds in English banks, will be subject to the whim of the marketeers, with the constant fluctuation of the pound against the euro  begun by the monitary speculators, that caused the pound to crash once before by their dubious practices. The constant eroding of their pensions by the governments policys. And the refusal to even be concidered for some kind of security by a government hell bent on Brexit at all costs. Where in hell do these people get off, they are killing off their own people, by using discredited methods. The works and pensions minister IDS should have been taken to court over the manslaughter of dozens at his hand. The number we weren't allowed to find out, because he went to court to hush it up. But withdrawing aid from the Sick, the elderly and the most vulnerable in society isn't something to be proud of. However this Government is continuing with its scorched earth policies. Taking from the poor to benefit the already wealthy. I am tired of people complaining they would vote for someone else, but there is no one. You get the government you deserve, if you just stand back and do nothing. I for one am not prepared to see the country turned into the playground of the rich and indolent. While the rest of the population are condemned to life on food bank hand outs, and the crumbs from the rich peoples table. And as for getting our country back, well I can only say one thing to that, well get our country back under a facist regime who will just walk over everyone with their jack booted foot kissers doing the dirtier work for them. Still out of sight, out of mind. You have to wait for it to hit home, first they came for the old, I said nothing,then they came for the students, I said nothing, then they came for the children I said nothing, now they have come for me, and there is no one to say anything. This government has the capacity to become the new third reich. They are three quarters of the way there now, and if we dont stand up and be counted. We have no right to be called human and sympathetic to our fellow man. When we allow our fellow man to live in squaller, degridation, hunger and poverty. An d we just pass by on the other side of the street, what do's that make us.....I am not a Tory, and never ever will be, and with my last dieing breath I will fight the totally greedy, lie spouting, entitled people. There are better people on this Earth. And thats whome I`m relieing on. Because if there isnt, we are all truely lost.





Ask anyone who knows about the first world war where Wipers is. And they will most probably smile and tell you Ypres it was the old Tommys name for it. Though a small town in Belgium, it was to become the most important area of WW1. And was to see three great surges of battles in WW1. And was held successfully by the men who held a deep and abideing affection for the town, and its people. To stand in Ypres Gross Market today, and to look around you, you would think it a medieval town, that had stood there, without suffering the ravages of time. Its a testiment to the people, who moved back after the war, and rebuilt it brick by brick to resemble how it had been, before being almost totally flattend by shelling, bombs both explosive and insenduary. And whatever else the enemy could throw at the place. It stand today as a shineing triumph of a peoples unbreakable spirit. It remembers, and watches over those that fell within her walls, and The menon gate holds a service of rememberence every night for the fallen. A very moving thing it is too, with many being moved to tears, at the awesome loss of life. Indeed throughout the Belgium countryside, can be found many cemetarys. Holding the dead within their peaceful preserves. The atmosphere in one of these places has to be experienced. The peaceful serenity is almost eerie. Its as if nature has made a pact with the dead that their rest will never be disturbed ever again. That silence, after all the noise of battle was their due. Tyne Cot is the biggest, and is staggering to look upon. Every single white marker was once a living, breathing human being. Filled with dreams, hopes and aspirations. That ended brutally, and abruptly. I believe it is a good thing now, that school children are brought to see the cemetarys. Told the storys and remember their relatives. I myself, honor a fallen Great Uncle, who is buried just over the border, in Chappelle de Armantiers. I take tributes for those who can not go, because I believe that this is what we must do to remember their lives and sacrifices. I love Ypres deeply, and am blessed to have some lovely flemish friends. Ill keep going for as long as I can. And leaving tributes. War wasnt glorious, it was bloody, dirty and lethal.  I am a pacifist, but I believe that we must never repeat the mistakes of our forefathers, and we need to get this message across to a younger generation. These fallen deserve to be remembered, honored even, because through their sacrifice the world was shaped to be that little bit more noble. Dear old WIPERS teaches us one important lesson, that a pheonix can rise from the ashes of tragic circumstances. Just as the society of my grandmother and great grandmothers were changed, by the loss of so many young men. Although it took another war to hammer home the message, it still remains that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when needed. And peace comes with a price tag that can often be far too expensive to pay.




Some days, when people wake up to greet a new day, they often forget to be thankful for being able to have the priviledge to enjoy another day of life. Its not something to endure, its something to embrace, be thankful for, and just to be grateful for. For many they are fighting to have more time, to see the sun, feel the breeze, to embrace the children, and those they love. To be able to laugh, cry or simply exist. We do not choose how long we have, it is not infinite. We must spend what little time we have, in pursuit of some form of happiness. Some seek the security of wealth, setting aside all hope of living, until they have accumulated their fortune. At which time, they are probably too exhausted or sick to appreciate it. Stopping to smell a flower, appreciate a view, to step back from the constant race of modern life, isnt a crime. No one should judge themselves harshly for just taking their time. For time has a habit of running out for some all too soon. To late when you are near to death, to wish you had spent more time in appreciating what you already had. Rather than seeking for some distant and mythic El Dorado, that you did not find. Too late you realise the thing you had been seeking all along, was just under your nose all the time, and you had deliberately overlooked it. Do we really need a posh car, a large television, all the trappings of modern day wealth, when deep down in our soul, we feel unfulfilled by the aquirement. Take time to cuddle your children, make your grandchildren smile. Appreciate the one that you love, who has been there through thick and thin with you. And still adores you. Even in a leaky roofed hovel, you would be rich if you had someone you loved, and someone who loved you. Gold dosnt bring happiness, Silver isnt a requirement to live a life of satisfaction. The grim reaper is no respector of any monitary wealth you have aquired. He takes rich and poor alike. Some are ready, some fight him all the way, and some try to ignore his presence. Ultimately, the outcome is the same, five feet of turf, 6ft deep hole, and a wooden coffin. For goodness sake, stop, think and look around. What profits a man, if he gains the world but loses his soul and his life. If your house isnt tidy, what do`s it matter, make hey while the sun shines. Tomorrow may be too late. live, laugh, smile and dance. Do something fulfilling, because in the end, it makes no never mind who you are. Dead is Dead, and as Nan used to say, your an awfully long time dead…so just slow down, enjoy the sunshine on your face, breath in the scent of the fresh mown grass, and just enjoy being alive. Thats my advice, you dont have to follow it, but at least take time to think on it!







I dont believe that I am the only one that thinks we are being driven off a cliff  by a suicidal maniac with delusions of their own import. This woman who appears to have got to where she has, mainly because most of her male counterparts chickened out of their responsabilitys. And she was left holding the bag. She has been voted into the prime ministers job by no one that I can see. And is hell bent on her own ruthless way in everything. With the circus that is the conservative party, cheering her on like a pack of weak minded fools that they are. And goading her on to attain new hights of careless indifference and ignorence. Scream if you want to go faster, has become their national obsession. rolling over everyone not of their bent in their haste to reach Brexit. Which, although no one will admit it, will prove the downfall of the ordinary citizens of the country. Whose rights will be seriously trashed, should these idiots remain in charge. They have raped and plundered with inpunity. Taking from the poor of our society, and giving it away to their obscenely rich pals. They have sold the family silver twice over, making society the poorer, and now wish to total the job, by becoming the dictatorship they always aspired to be. Their buying of the election is a point in fact, there are a number of her present MP`S who are being investigated for election fraud and irregularitys. And some files have been handed to the public prosecution service. This means that if found guilty, they are obliged to resign, and she will no longer hold a majority in parliament. If this issue had been sorted before she launched headlong into this madness, we might not have seen Joan of arc May in full unrestrained cry. perhaps a bit of calm, logical thought would have prevailed. As it is, we are racing toward the cliff edge, and no one will have a seat belt or air bags for protection. Except the very wealthy, who will simply leave to join their money in their off shore havens. Leaveing the very poor, to cry amid the ruins, and wonder where to begin to try and piece back their lives. I wonder just how celebratory the leave campainers will feel, when they are passengers mangled in the twisted wreckage of the car crash. Probably nothing, as they will be the ones that are killed. The driver will simply get up, dust herself off, and go buy another new roller with her wad. And the remoaners, as termed, will be hard pressed not to say we told you so. I can not see that the present government has any legitimacy at all. They should have gone to the country, and obtained a true mandate from the people. One that wasn’t gerimandered to try to stop cirtain groups of people from voteing. They cry the will of the people, but had the young, and the disenfranchised been allowed to vote, it would have been a much different outcome. Camerons fault. he shot himself in the foot there. Got far too big for his boots. Anyway, amid the mass exodus of the rich, the leaving Europeans, and the banks doing a runner. The country will become a stagnant, lifeless place. all ambition, creativity smothered. Back to the middle ages, with the baron in his castle, and the poor in their mud huts trying to scratch a living, keep body and soul together on next to nothing, and trying not to die of the cold. But we‘ll have the newspapers to keep us amused telling us how lucky we are that Europe is in the grip of black death, but we are still ok….forgive me for the irony, today I do not feel very happy, satisfied or fortunate. Just damn sad….for all of us. 


Bombardment of Hartlepool

December 16th 1914  will always remain the day that every true Hartlepudlian will remember. It lives on in infamy, as the day the German Fleet Bombarded Hartlepool, Scarborough and then Whitby. It was a misty morning, just after 8am, People were having breakfast, begining the daily round of their lives. When from out of no where, a rain of lethal metal, transformed the peaceful morning into a a fight to survive. The local battery manned by the men of the DLI,as they realised what was happening, began firing back. One of their number lieing dead…the first soldier to die on home soil during the war  Theopholis Jones had been feld by shrapnel. When it had  finally ended,lasting less than an hour, mainly due to damage sustained to the german ships from the battery. 112 civilians, 9 soldiers, and six sailors had been killed….and many more had been injured. The town lay in ruins, and people were left to pick up the threads of their lives as best they could. And England had risen up in outrage at the slaughter of innocent women and children. Churchill was to later make a speech, branding the imperial german fleet, baby killers…Hartlepool was to be always in the front line, because of its ship building and engine works. Indeed, they were to have visits from Zeppalins in WW1, and Bombers in WW2…but nothing could compare to the horror and destruction of that day in 1914. When civilians became legitimate targets. Newspaper-letter-1990-Will-Churcher-232x300front page_69058721_theojones050chapel wreck

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