well, I have created two more sites…uploading the ww1 honour rolls for the town onto a site called we shall remember them, so if anyone wants details of any family member lost in the great war, its there. Also just been busy creating one on the Bombardment of the town by the Germans. Its the anniversary this December 16th. I and a friend thought it might be a good thing to do for the information of all…..

The Hartlepool people site is still quite popular, although I did have a spot of trouble with someone posting posts not in keeping with what the site was about. I had to ban them, and wasn’t popular. The person in question sending me rather threatening E Mails. Took the joy out of running the site realy. I cant understand it, people work hard to create something, set the perameters, set out the rules, and still you have some, that want to take over, but are not prepared to take on the responsibilitys¬† of a site of their own, but would rather disrupt someone elses…..and complain about the resultant consiquences.


well I have taken a bit of a rest lately, been clicking on links like a maniac to set up all the sites. Hope they are appreciated for what they are ment to be…..