I dont believe that I am the only one that thinks we are being driven off a cliff  by a suicidal maniac with delusions of their own import. This woman who appears to have got to where she has, mainly because most of her male counterparts chickened out of their responsabilitys. And she was left holding the bag. She has been voted into the prime ministers job by no one that I can see. And is hell bent on her own ruthless way in everything. With the circus that is the conservative party, cheering her on like a pack of weak minded fools that they are. And goading her on to attain new hights of careless indifference and ignorence. Scream if you want to go faster, has become their national obsession. rolling over everyone not of their bent in their haste to reach Brexit. Which, although no one will admit it, will prove the downfall of the ordinary citizens of the country. Whose rights will be seriously trashed, should these idiots remain in charge. They have raped and plundered with inpunity. Taking from the poor of our society, and giving it away to their obscenely rich pals. They have sold the family silver twice over, making society the poorer, and now wish to total the job, by becoming the dictatorship they always aspired to be. Their buying of the election is a point in fact, there are a number of her present MP`S who are being investigated for election fraud and irregularitys. And some files have been handed to the public prosecution service. This means that if found guilty, they are obliged to resign, and she will no longer hold a majority in parliament. If this issue had been sorted before she launched headlong into this madness, we might not have seen Joan of arc May in full unrestrained cry. perhaps a bit of calm, logical thought would have prevailed. As it is, we are racing toward the cliff edge, and no one will have a seat belt or air bags for protection. Except the very wealthy, who will simply leave to join their money in their off shore havens. Leaveing the very poor, to cry amid the ruins, and wonder where to begin to try and piece back their lives. I wonder just how celebratory the leave campainers will feel, when they are passengers mangled in the twisted wreckage of the car crash. Probably nothing, as they will be the ones that are killed. The driver will simply get up, dust herself off, and go buy another new roller with her wad. And the remoaners, as termed, will be hard pressed not to say we told you so. I can not see that the present government has any legitimacy at all. They should have gone to the country, and obtained a true mandate from the people. One that wasn’t gerimandered to try to stop cirtain groups of people from voteing. They cry the will of the people, but had the young, and the disenfranchised been allowed to vote, it would have been a much different outcome. Camerons fault. he shot himself in the foot there. Got far too big for his boots. Anyway, amid the mass exodus of the rich, the leaving Europeans, and the banks doing a runner. The country will become a stagnant, lifeless place. all ambition, creativity smothered. Back to the middle ages, with the baron in his castle, and the poor in their mud huts trying to scratch a living, keep body and soul together on next to nothing, and trying not to die of the cold. But we‘ll have the newspapers to keep us amused telling us how lucky we are that Europe is in the grip of black death, but we are still ok….forgive me for the irony, today I do not feel very happy, satisfied or fortunate. Just damn sad….for all of us.