Some days, when people wake up to greet a new day, they often forget to be thankful for being able to have the priviledge to enjoy another day of life. Its not something to endure, its something to embrace, be thankful for, and just to be grateful for. For many they are fighting to have more time, to see the sun, feel the breeze, to embrace the children, and those they love. To be able to laugh, cry or simply exist. We do not choose how long we have, it is not infinite. We must spend what little time we have, in pursuit of some form of happiness. Some seek the security of wealth, setting aside all hope of living, until they have accumulated their fortune. At which time, they are probably too exhausted or sick to appreciate it. Stopping to smell a flower, appreciate a view, to step back from the constant race of modern life, isnt a crime. No one should judge themselves harshly for just taking their time. For time has a habit of running out for some all too soon. To late when you are near to death, to wish you had spent more time in appreciating what you already had. Rather than seeking for some distant and mythic El Dorado, that you did not find. Too late you realise the thing you had been seeking all along, was just under your nose all the time, and you had deliberately overlooked it. Do we really need a posh car, a large television, all the trappings of modern day wealth, when deep down in our soul, we feel unfulfilled by the aquirement. Take time to cuddle your children, make your grandchildren smile. Appreciate the one that you love, who has been there through thick and thin with you. And still adores you. Even in a leaky roofed hovel, you would be rich if you had someone you loved, and someone who loved you. Gold dosnt bring happiness, Silver isnt a requirement to live a life of satisfaction. The grim reaper is no respector of any monitary wealth you have aquired. He takes rich and poor alike. Some are ready, some fight him all the way, and some try to ignore his presence. Ultimately, the outcome is the same, five feet of turf, 6ft deep hole, and a wooden coffin. For goodness sake, stop, think and look around. What profits a man, if he gains the world but loses his soul and his life. If your house isnt tidy, what do`s it matter, make hey while the sun shines. Tomorrow may be too late. live, laugh, smile and dance. Do something fulfilling, because in the end, it makes no never mind who you are. Dead is Dead, and as Nan used to say, your an awfully long time dead…so just slow down, enjoy the sunshine on your face, breath in the scent of the fresh mown grass, and just enjoy being alive. Thats my advice, you dont have to follow it, but at least take time to think on it!