Well, here we go again. Mrs May who already has 24 of her MPs under investigation for electoral fraud from the last election. And she wants another election, will it be any less rigged than the last one one wonders. I believe the fix is already in, shes been given the nod,  so the government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich, if it wins( and they are licking their chops already at that prospect) can get rid of the remaining NHS, and all workers rights. And we will have a situation where the small majority of super rich will have the government in its pocket. While the rest of the people in the country, will be written off.  those who have chosen to live abroad in their little fortress enclaves, will find themselves just as worse off, as the people on the mainland. As, if hard brexit is implimented, they will have no EU Health protection. Their funds in English banks, will be subject to the whim of the marketeers, with the constant fluctuation of the pound against the euro  begun by the monitary speculators, that caused the pound to crash once before by their dubious practices. The constant eroding of their pensions by the governments policys. And the refusal to even be concidered for some kind of security by a government hell bent on Brexit at all costs. Where in hell do these people get off, they are killing off their own people, by using discredited methods. The works and pensions minister IDS should have been taken to court over the manslaughter of dozens at his hand. The number we weren't allowed to find out, because he went to court to hush it up. But withdrawing aid from the Sick, the elderly and the most vulnerable in society isn't something to be proud of. However this Government is continuing with its scorched earth policies. Taking from the poor to benefit the already wealthy. I am tired of people complaining they would vote for someone else, but there is no one. You get the government you deserve, if you just stand back and do nothing. I for one am not prepared to see the country turned into the playground of the rich and indolent. While the rest of the population are condemned to life on food bank hand outs, and the crumbs from the rich peoples table. And as for getting our country back, well I can only say one thing to that, well get our country back under a facist regime who will just walk over everyone with their jack booted foot kissers doing the dirtier work for them. Still out of sight, out of mind. You have to wait for it to hit home, first they came for the old, I said nothing,then they came for the students, I said nothing, then they came for the children I said nothing, now they have come for me, and there is no one to say anything. This government has the capacity to become the new third reich. They are three quarters of the way there now, and if we dont stand up and be counted. We have no right to be called human and sympathetic to our fellow man. When we allow our fellow man to live in squaller, degridation, hunger and poverty. An d we just pass by on the other side of the street, what do's that make us.....I am not a Tory, and never ever will be, and with my last dieing breath I will fight the totally greedy, lie spouting, entitled people. There are better people on this Earth. And thats whome I`m relieing on. Because if there isnt, we are all truely lost.