well it should be perfectly clear to anyone that has eyes and a brain what is going to happen If we vote for the saintly Theresa May. disaster has ever followed in her wake, and so too will it this time. Given the opportunity, she will oversee the demise of the NHS. She will cause a car crash of an exit from the EU. And all in all, it will not be her or her class that will suffer, being well padded with their millions in off shore accounts. But the poor Joe Soaps that have fallen for their lies again. Why do the turkeys keep voteing for xmas one wonders. Im sure I can not provide an answer. However, the system has always been riggable. And money talks...like it did when Cameron Bought the last election. Tinkering with the voteing registrations ment fewer people able to vote, boundry changes....these lot are determined not to play on a level playing field. The election was called, to stave off the news that most of the MPs had outstanding cases against them, of using too much money and false accounting in the last bash, to get them elected, and the same croneys are standing again. And still people think if they vote conservative some of the golden sheen might just rub off on them. Well let me tell you, not everything that glitters is gold, and these lot are only gold plated, and in places where it has worn off, they are pure dross. Shams, frauds and greedily accumulateing from the public purse their own private fortunes...its a case of Im alright Jack, naff you. The true people of the society, go unrewarded. people like nurses, doctors and their ilk, are paid peanuts compared to all the crooked bankers and lawyers. womens pensions are plundered to give a huge tax break to their wealthy friends, further enriching themselves. Leaving them destitute. And Theresa see`s nothing wrong in this…come on people wake up, stop shooting yourself in the foot, and aim the gun elsewhere. Time these people where ejected. And a little sense prevailed. Or we are all doomed.