If we had a few more People like Titus Salt, who thought about the care and welfare of their people. Like Joseph Rowntree, and Elizabeth Fry. We would have an altogether better society than we now have. It has become fashionable not to care for anything other than the accumulation of obscene amounts of wealth, in off shore accounts. The worship of money has become a dash to the top for bankers, hedge fund managers, and the like. At the expense of the ordinary people. who through the attrition of the moneyd, have suffered greatly. It has become Robin Hood in reverse. With big buisness, and the rich robbing the poorest in society of their subsistance. They do not feel ashamed that they have caused people to starve, that they have pushed people into penuary, that their actions have lead to the death of many thousands of people  young, old, ill or well. Society has had the heart pulled out, and a swinging brick now replaces the place it once occupied. Judge a society on how it treats its people. And you will find that this society is sick. However, you will find no treatment forth coming, as every one vies for to become the main game player. The most powerful I Am. Their wealth cushioning them from everything. In fact they dwell in a world far removed from that of ordinary people. Too long have they been entitled, have their forebares been successful in ripping off society to such an extent, they lived in luxury, and dwelt in priviledge. Now we have a party of these people, who in seven years have managed to totally undermine, demoralise, rob and plunder the disabled, the working class, the mentally ill, and the pensioners. The only good and shineing bauble that the ordinary people had left, and were proud of, is being systematically run down, and sold off. The NHS was created to treat the sick and destitute. It was something created as a shineing beacon in the dark and smokey dim and distant past. Where people would die of the want of a doctors care. The mine owner, and Lawyer, the gentry and the rich had no such need of this, and looked at it with jaundist eyes. They felt that people were merely chattles to be used, abused and then disguarded, when they were no longer able to service their betters needs. Unfortunately, this is what in essence is happening today. The rich resent the poor getting any form of relief, and if they are going to die, best get on with it, and decrees the surplus population, as Scrooge once said.These people have had their way far too long, they do not play fair, and indeed their sense of entitlement drives them to underhanded and shady dealings to keep them where they think they rightfully belong. A permanent ticket on a gravey train, that keeps on rattleing on, running ever poor person down. They have champaigne lifestyles at the expense of others. They have no need to spend their wealth, when they can spend ours. They have robbed us of trains, the post office, the telephones, the water, gas and Electricity....which was all owned by the people. They committed fraud on a huge scale, robbing the country of its assets. And where has all the money gone? There are fools who will always think that by supporting such despots, it raises them to being someone special. But it is a delusion that they must let go of. For God Sake wake up and see the way society has gone, where it has been pushed to, and just how greed can lead to a vicious cycle of much wants more. We Need a new way, A New voice, A new breed of person, who instead of thinking of themselves, actually thinks of a better life for others, as well as themselves. people as human beings and not just cannon fodder, or servile wraiths to be treated with contempt. Now is the time we need to stand up, get up off our knees, and those that have pushed us, we need to shove back. Im sick of the greed, the ignorence, the total Dickensianisation of society. My grandmother and grandfather had to fight for better, and its been taken from us bit by bit by greedy resentful people.Now is the time to get rid of the lot of them, and lets have something more humane and inclusive in its place. Its up to us....we own it, we owe it to ourselves to say enough is more than enough. I know where my cross will be places in the election. And if you value fairness, and honesty youll join me.