well its taken centurys to produce the life and the foibles that we have all been brought up with, its taken numerous wars both civil and otherwise, to create the people that we are. The First and the Second World War defined us as tough and plucky and we can take it, and punshing above our weight. After the wars was over, we picked ourselves up, looked around, and began to build a new and inclusive society. There was actual reformers ready to stand up and say, this is not good enough for the people, they deserve better, and so they helped create a more inclusive and affluent society. We were given the National health Service to look after us, when we were sick. free at the point of care, no longer did we have to try to scrape together a meager sum to be able to see a doctor, Or to try and afford some medicine People got a pension to look after them in their later years, we all had input into a fairer society, with everyone paying a fair share of the burdon. We owned the Royal Mail, The British Rail, our Water, Gas and Electricity. And we created so so much. selling to the world and the then commonwealth. People began to prosper, and was able to obtain things like televisions, household appliences and material things. Most were still living in rented accomodation, or in small houses purchased for a small sum they managed to put together. No one thought in terms of owning their own homes. But gradually, as society became more affluent, jobs were better paid, it became obtainable to the lucky few. Then Came the Heath Years, where we were all dragged into an experiment by the European countrys Called the common market. It was deemed that we would be unfit to weigh up all the pros and cons, so were given no referendum on the matter. So Heath signed us all into the experiment, which began as a tradeing block with no political aspirations. However Topsy Growd, and soon became a trading block, plus a whole new creation with its own parliament, laws and the price went up for its members to stay as members of the club. This is were things began to unravel, as the Tories had not expected this to happen, and before they knew it, Brussels had taken on a whole new life of its own, and now the juganought was rolling, couldnt be stopped. Mrs Thatcher made a good attempt. How ever, eventually it was to run right over her, and it had its own currency, laws and disciplines, which we as members were expected to follow. treaty after Treaty drew us into a binding contract, and many embraced being European. Lots of older folk, moving abroad to enjoy a better life style in the sun. This was not challenged, until Some rich elitist government, arrogent and so cock sure of their own omnipitent right to rule, bought its way into power, knifing their coallision partners led by a hapless Clegg. They began dismantling all the rights that people had hard won over the years since WW2. They set their minds on taking on the European union for purely ideolised reasons. The EU was protecting the rights of the working class people, they were blocking too much of the things the Tories wished to inflict on the hapless peasantry. And the Hapless peasantry believeing their lies and spin, voted like turkeys for christmas to leave, without the enorminty of what this would mean was explained to them in proper detail. They believed what they were supposed to believe. And then, the man that had not expected to be left holding such an awkward bag. Cut and ran, goodbye Mr Cameron, Hello Mrs May. We all know what a success she has made of running the country. And in what contempt she hold the will of the people in. Selling off the NHS to her buddies, handing out huge tax cuts to the wealthy, while robbing the disabled, the sick the poor. In fact She would be the sheriff of Nottingham to the Labours Robin Hood. And now, after calling an election, to try to get her own way in everything, to deal the NHS its death blow, to rob the pensioners of their homes, and their pensions….Shes reeling from the blow she has been dealt. This was not supposed to happen, I can hear her whine, I thought the people were all idiots, and gullible, I thought I was going to walk it....I dont understand.....Too much wealth, too much privilege breeds contempt, and this is what has proved fatal. She thought the young the weak the poor and the pensioned where going to roll over, while she created her one party state, oh boy how it has scuppered her. And I only hope, after she exits stage left, very soon, we get back what she robbed from us all by her greed and bungleing mis- management. She will not have to scrimp, and save, to try to survive for another 6 years before she is given her pension, that she should have morally and legally got at 60. S he will not have to go to a food bank just to subsist, she will not have to wait on a trolly in the corridor of a hospital totally over stretched and underfunded by her mean and cold hearted asset strippers. She will not have to worry, her husband is rich, and has got rich off the back of the working man, and has his millions off shore. She who thinks nothing of paying thousands for a pair of leather designer trousers, while people freeze on the street, through her governments policys. And their gerrymandering throughout both elections wont bear scrutiny. I only hope what gos around comes around, and that she gets her just deserts. As she just can not let go, and is hanging on with neatly polished fingure nails to number 10, just to denie Corbyn it. The man she has slandered, has vilified, has refused to give a straight forward answer to. And he has endured all with a dignity she could never really summon. So when she finally gos. She will still be none the wiser. Well, what did for you pet was that you were deaf, and blind to the suffering of the many, they were worthless labour to be exploited. And then thrown aside with no help or sustinance. You counted on the election being bought for you by the media barons, the rich and the famous.....who you robbed the poor to give obscene pay rises to. And you expected them to be grateful.....sorry Mrs May, you deserved everything you got, and are still about to get....your an evil creation of a moneyd class. Who dosnt care for anyone or anything but your own bottom line. good riddence to bad rubbish!